I Got a Sun Lamp, and It’s the Best Thing Ever

Yep no complaints here. I have an office with a door. It’s huge. It has mood lighting (no fluorescent, please!) and is decorated with pictures of furry animals.


No windows.

Yep roughly 200 days of the year for 8 hours of that day I am sunless. Well there’s the hint of sun from the window in my boss’ office diagonally across from me. I try to soak it in when I can. Fortunately he keeps his door open most of the time.

But wait, what? I am a human being. And I deserve some sun!

Fortunately I live in an age of technology where we try to replace everything natural with something unnatural (if only to be more efficient, productive human beings). So I started looking into sun lamps (aka energy light lamp).

It didn’t take long to convince me. Continue reading