The Book

In 2013, I self-published a book, Sugarcoated, on my life with Type 1 diabetes. Here’s how I describe it:

Having no family history of the disease, Tracy Gnadinger finds ways to make light of the vast ways diabetes changes her everyday life. Even with today’s diabetes epidemic, Gnadinger shows how one can live a strong, healthy life with a chronic condition.

Read an excerpt.

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Tracy Gnadinger reads an excerpt from Sugarcoated: Life with Type 1 Diabetes at the University of Baltimore on May 10, 2013.


Most of my patients with Type 1 diabetes mellitus feel their lives are tied to vials of insulin, syringes, and test supplies. Tracy’s book is a wonderful resource for all patients with Type 1 diabetes, regardless of how long ago they were diagnosed, as well as their loved ones and medical providers. It provides wonderful insight into the daily struggles of living with Type 1 diabetes mellitus, giving us all a clearer picture of what we need to do to help patients succeed and move forward with their lives.

Komal Patil-Sisodia, MD
Diabetes, Metabolism & Endocrinology & Internal Medicine
Newport Beach, CA

The process of sharing personal stories is extremely important in providing support and building a sense of community for those affected by diabetes.

Kayla Twain
American Diabetes Association


13 thoughts on “The Book

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  4. Tracy, I just ordered your book. Our neighbors, Mark & Sharon Hart shared your story and we look forward to reading your book.


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  11. Your Uncle Frank and I are sitting here on a cold January afternoon listening to you speak; musing about you as a little girl, how proud we are of the beautiful young lady you have become, and your grace in handling this disease, along with your ability to help others through your struggles. We don’t tell you these things often enough; mostly because your Auntie here would dissolve into tears, and who needs to see that, right? We are here for you, and hope you have always known that. We miss you here in Kentucky.

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