I Got a Sun Lamp, and It’s the Best Thing Ever

Yep no complaints here. I have an office with a door. It’s huge. It has mood lighting (no fluorescent, please!) and is decorated with pictures of furry animals.


No windows.

Yep roughly 200 days of the year for 8 hours of that day I am sunless. Well there’s the hint of sun from the window in my boss’ office diagonally across from me. I try to soak it in when I can. Fortunately he keeps his door open most of the time.

But wait, what? I am a human being. And I deserve some sun!

Fortunately I live in an age of technology where we try to replace everything natural with something unnatural (if only to be more efficient, productive human beings). So I started looking into sun lamps (aka energy light lamp).

It didn’t take long to convince me.

  • Boost in mood? Check.
  • Boost in energy? Check.
  • No UV rays? Check.
  • No vitamin D? That’s okay. I got supplements.
  • Energy efficient LEDs? Double check.

Maybe it’s completely psychological? Maybe I just want this lamp to be my energy source and so it becomes one? And that’s how it actually works?

But nah. I’ve only had the light for one week, and I’ve felt the effects. Just 15 minutes in the morning, and I don’t need that second cup of coffee. I actually feel like it’s morning in my dark cave of an office!

And that afternoon boost? Yep I use it then too. No caffeine required. They do recommend not to use it 2-3 hours before bed so as not to throw off your circadian rhythm. But I already struggle with insomnia. I don’t need additional help.

Not to mention on cloudy days I get all the sun. Take that window-office denizens!

Hello fake sunshine!


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