30 Days With Diabetes: Dating, Dinner Parties and Lasagna

Once upon a time via text message…

Guy: What are you doing Saturday night?

Me: Nothing as of now

Guy: My friend is having people over. Would you like to come?

Me: Sure. Do I need to eat beforehand?

Guy: His girlfriend is going to make some food so no. They’re expecting us to eat there.

Me: Ok, I just have to be cognizant of my diabetes but I’m sure it will be fine. Is it a dinner party or just having people over?

Guy: He said “I’m having a party and my girlfriend is cooking a bunch of food”

Guy: I’ll inquire what kind.

Two days later (on the day of the party)…

Guy: Does lasagna meatballs with cheese sound okay? It will be that and a few other seemingly Italian dishes

Me: I can make it work. Italian is usually full of carbs so I may snack beforehand…

… aka eat a full meal.

The end.

This post is part of my 30 Days With Diabetes series


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