The Meaning of Life (as told by Normandy the Cat)

Unlike dogs, cats have never quite been domesticated. In fact, rather than controlling them, cats think they have control of us. They’ve somehow figured out how to be fed, cleaned up after, and petted in all the right places, all the while having us think it’s for our benefit.

So what better species to deem life lessons from? In the nine months since I’ve adopted Norm, my black and brown two-year-old tabby, I’ve learned a few things from this feline who thinks my world revolves around him. Here’s what he has to say:

When life hands you a carrot, sometimes it’s best just to grab it by its tail and devour it.

Photo Dec 18, 9 48 21 PM

Don’t worry about what to wear. Your look says it all.

Photo Dec 24, 4 06 46 PM

So what if you can’t afford to buy new things?

Photo Feb 14, 7 26 59 PM

Take what you have and make the most of it.

Photo Apr 28, 9 35 00 PM

Be a little scandalous every now and then. Take a risk. Believe me, the view is worth it.

Photo Jan 17, 1 01 30 PM

It’s important to get some Vitamin D. 

Photo Jun 22, 5 37 04 PM

Sometimes all you need is a friend.

Photo Feb 23, 3 23 06 PM

No need to work out every day. After working hard, beauty rest is just as important.

Photo Feb 01, 4 35 27 PM

If you can’t travel, make-believe. It’s just as effective.

Photo Apr 21, 10 02 34 PM

Always turn the lights off when you leave a room.

Photo Dec 21, 8 18 17 PM

Then again, you’re adaptable.

Photo Dec 21, 8 17 36 PM

Show ’em what you’ve got. You have no shame.

Photo Dec 13, 7 04 04 PM

Not everyone is photogenic. Own it.

Photo Jun 28, 10 59 13 AM

Never lose sight of your dreams (or your next meal).


Invest in your bed. Sleep is just that important.

Photo Apr 16, 5 09 28 PM

When you’ve had a rough day, it’s okay to cower in a box under the table.

Photo May 30, 7 41 03 PM

We’ve all had those days.

Photo May 16, 10 59 23 PM

And be ready for tomorrow.


Try new ways of doing things.

Photo Jun 21, 7 15 34 PM

Don’t forget to take some time for yourself.

Photo Mar 17, 11 04 36 PM

You don’t always have to be a people person.


Just try to relax.


And relax some more.


Because what’s the fun in life if you’re not being yourself?


And making the most of it?


Yeah, that’s what I thought.


I’d rather be alone than unreal.

Photo Mar 22, 2 31 23 PM

Of course, having the support and love of family and friends is just as vital to a happy, thriving life.

Photo Jul 09, 8 49 14 AM


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