30 Days With Diabetes: Fingerstick

Every day I check my blood sugar with a fingerstick (or fingerprick). I used to do this 6-10 times per day. Now with my continuous glucose monitor (CGM), I only do this 2-3 times per day.

Here’s how I test my blood (technology is a wondrous thing).

1. This is my glucometer pack.

2. It houses my glucometer, lancet device, lancets, test strips and – because I like to pack light and be prepared – a syringe and insulin vial.

3. I insert a lancet into the lancet device (I know, creativity sorely lacking here, so I’m going to call the lancet device George).

4. I insert a test strip into the glucometer and make sure it matches up.

5. After washing my hands, I use George to prick my finger (you should see the scars on my left hand – it’s worse than the moon).

6. I place the blood sample on the test strip (this is harder than it looks, and if you don’t get enough blood on the strip, you get the dreaded “Err 5” message).

7. I wait for my reading (this is post-workout, pre-dinner).

8. I use a tissue to clot my finger.

9. I plug my reading into Gizmo 2.0 (my insulin pump) to see if I need a correction dose (normal blood sugar ranges from 88-120).

10. Gizmo says no. I go on with my evening.

This post is part of my 30 Days With Diabetes series


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