30 Days With Diabetes: Sleep Empathy

Because the DC metro sucks, I’m back to taking the bus to and from work. Today, on my way home, an older gentleman sat next to me, and for the next 30 minutes continued to nod off in my direction. Although perturbed by the unwarranted intrusion to my personal space, I empathized with the man.

Prior to my diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes, there were two telltale signs that my pancreas wasn’t working correctly (besides the excessive thirst and therefore frequent trips to the bathroom): 

  1. Falling asleep at work in a meeting while having a conversation with a co-worker in that meeting.

  2. Falling asleep while making out with my boyfriend.

Yeah, I did that. More than once. And a few weeks later, I learned I had Type 1 diabetes. So, while all sleep comas may not be attributed to this disease (and people could just be that boring), be mindful, and maybe have a little empathy, no matter how annoying strangers on a bus may be.

This post is part of my 30 Days With Diabetes series

30 days with diabetes


3 thoughts on “30 Days With Diabetes: Sleep Empathy

  1. Wow! I had no idea that such sleepiness could be a symptom! Love how you are educating via this post. Thank you!

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