30 Days With Diabetes

I’ve recently been in a few conversations with strangers and friends about how much I do on a daily basis to manage this thing called Type 1 diabetes. It’s the norm for me, but for many, it’s hard to reconcile what living in a body that doesn’t “quite” work actually feels like.

In an effort to commit more time to this blog and showcase what life is really like with Type 1 on a daily basis, I’ve challenged myself to post about it once a day for the next 30 days. I’m going to title this series, 30 Days with DiabetesI promise (with the exception of this one), they will be short posts – some may even show up in photo or video form.

Gizmo 3.0

For the first post, I would like to share some exciting news I learned today from one of my JDRF newsletters: the FDA has approved Gizmo 3.0. Okay, that’s not actually the name of the new personal diabetes manager (PDM). But Insulet – the company that makes my pod or insulin pump – has designed a sleek new system that will operate much like a touchscreen phone and be bluetooth-enabled so I can read my latest insulin settings on my phone (see screenshot below).

Insulet Omnipod DASH system


How cool is that! So, yeah, Gizmo is getting an upgrade. They’re calling it Omnipod DASH, but I’m still preferential to Gizmo. And for those new to this blog, Gizmo is what I have deemed my insulin pump. For more on Gizmo’s story, read how advancements in technology saved my life. I hope to see you again for Day 2.

30 days with diabetes


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