Don’t Worry, I’m Alright

I realize I should have probably prefaced my last post, “What’s It Like Living With Depression?” with something other than the post itself. I’ve been battling depression for 10 years now — some of that time before diabetes even arrived. In that time, I’ve learned some tricks for keeping myself afloat during the down times. But that doesn’t mean it gets any easier.

I recently started reading Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy (which I highly recommend). I cried and laughed at the same time upon reading her author’s note to the reader. I couldn’t believe how open and honest she was being about her own mental health. I think many of us feel we can’t talk about it until we’ve got a handle on things, until we’ve “survived” it (as Lawson notes).

But that’s where the stigma lies. And not only does Lawson talk openly about her mental health issues but on top of that she has more than one autoimmune disease. It took me four years to start writing about diabetes. I want to be able to answer the questions people have and shed light on the disease.

Depression is a disease, and it’s one many of us battle alone. And I’ve met many people who don’t “get it.” It’s hard to explain especially on a “high” day. So in one of my more vulnerable moments, I wrote something expressing my feelings as a way to process it. And I later realized this piece exemplified exactly what goes through one’s mind during a depressed state.

Now each person is different. But I think it’s important to share the struggle and raise awareness. And yes I have my ups and downs. I appreciate all those who reached out. It means a lot. And I want to reassure you that I’m okay and that I am seeking help. This is not a battle we should have to fight alone. Thank you again for your support.


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